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The number one thing anyone wanting to get traffic to their website needs to do is comprehensive keyword research. First you need to choose your niche ( i.e. dog training ) and then you need to come up with a list of keywords you can use for your website or article marketing campaigns. Your success quite literally hinges on choosing the right keywords for your business. The trouble is keyword research for the highest paying adsense keywords and niche keywords that don't have a ton of competition can be time consuming to say the least. If time is a valuable commodity to you please read on.
The last thing most webmasters want to do is sit down and do keyword research for countless hours just to get to the good stuff. It's just one of those mundane tasks that is absolutely critical so you have to do it or get those keyword lists from someone that has already done the hard work for you....
Strictly Limited Release Keyword Lists
High Search Volume / Low Competition
Here's The Deal:
* We only ever sell 50 sets of any limited release high quality keyword list we have for sale. This ensures the competition is strictly limited. Once 50 have been sold we pull that particular list off the market for good.
* The keywords in the sets have a maximum of 100,000 exact phrase count results in Google ( ) so we are ONLY targeting the low hanging fruit keywords for EASY traffic. Any keywords in the lists over 50,000 exact phrase counts are also run through a special filter to eliminate the more competitive keywords in this range. This ensures you only get the GOLD STANDARD 'soft target' keywords for EASY traffic all the way up to 100,000 exact phrase match in EVERY list we have available on this site.
* These keywords are perfect for use on your website and for marketing with articles and Squidoo lenses to create even more traffic from the long tail. Also if you are into affiliate marketing these keyword lists in certain niches we cover will be of high interest to you.
* Each set is compiled into a .CSV Excel file which lists the keywords, exact phrase count, adwords cost and number of monthly searches for each keyword.
* Each set usually costs just $14.95 to $19.95 unless otherwise stated. You will be able to download the file as soon as you have made payment.
Adsense Keyword Lists
* Our top paying adsense keyword lists are specifically chosen for their profitability factor for Adsense publishers. We eliminate the lower ad cost long tail keywords from these lists so you only get the GOLD. There is no point in writing an optimized page for a site monetized with Adsense if the advertiser is only paying a couple of cents a click.
Niche Keyword Lists
* These are "hand picked" low competition keyword list sets for profitable niches we have chosen for its profit potential based on a number of factors that show us affiliates are earning money promoting products in that market.
So How Exactly Do You Make Money With These Keyword Lists?

Here Are 3 Profitable Ways:

1) Affiliate Earnings With Articles - Make money as an affiliate by writing articles on the long tail keywords in these lists and submitting them to article directories with a resource box pointing to your landing page/blog/squeeze page.

2) Build and Promote Adsense Websites - Use the adsense keywords lists to build adsense websites using the low competition/high paying adsense keywords.

3) Build and Promote Affiliate Websites - Use the niche keywords lists to build websites promoting affiliate products for high commissions from marketplaces such as Clickbank.
 Example Traffic From A Site Built Using One Of Our Keyword Lists:
We will be adding new Adsense and niche keyword lists on a regular basis so don't forget to bookmark this site.

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  • Some of these phrases have a monthly search count volume >1000

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